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Mount Prospect <br />Mount Prospect Public Works Department <br />6/ m <br />INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM TREE CM USA <br />TO: VILLAGE MANAGER MICHAEL E. JANONIS <br />FROM: FORESTRY/GROUNDS SUPERINTENDENT <br />DATE: SEPTEMBER 29, 2014 <br />SUBJECT: BID RESULTS - HOLIDAY TREE LIGHTING - $24,000 <br />BACKGROUND <br />Funding has been included in the 2014 budget for contractual installation, and later removal, of <br />white lights on selected trees in the downtown. The specifications describe a possible three-year <br />contract, although we reserved the right not to renew the second or third year if we are not <br />satisfied with the work, or if funds are not available. <br />For the 2014 contract, our specifications state that we plan to have white holiday lights installed <br />and later removed on 216 downtown trees. Approximately 2,300 strands of lights are expected <br />to be required to decorate the trees. However, the specifications clearly state that we may elect <br />to reduce the number of trees decorated and/or the number of strands installed per tree, or opt not <br />to award the contract at all, providing the bid prices are higher than expected. <br />BID RESULTS <br />We mailed out 21 sets of bid specifications for this work, and placed a bid notice in the local <br />paper. A mandatory pre-bid meeting was also held for interested contractors on August 16, <br />2014. Sealed bids were opened on September 22, 2014. Four bids and one "No Bid" letter were <br />received. Bid results were as follows: <br />Bidder <br />Cost to install and later remove <br />one strand of holiday lights <br />25 <br />2014 <br />Kinnucan Tree Experts and Landscaping Company, Inc. $9.19 <br />Illuminight Lighting, LLC $9.45 <br />Landscape Concept Management $9.50 <br />RW Hendrickson Co. $18.00 <br />Meeting House No Bid letter <br />Also, note that McFarlane Douglas did not attend the mandatory pre-bid conference; they later <br />sent a bid but it was not read or considered. <br />