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fount I'tospect <br />Mount Prospect Public Works Department <br />' INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM <br />TO: VILLAGE MANAGER MICHAEL E. JANONIS <br />FROM: DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS <br />DATE: OCTOBER 1, 2014 <br />SUBJ: PROPOSAL TO EXTEND PARKWAY TREE REMOVAL CONTRACT FOR <br />ONE (1) YEAR. <br />BACKGROUND <br />On January 17, 2012, the Village Board awarded a contract for the removal of parkway trees to <br />Homer Tree Care, Inc. of Lockport, Illinois (Homer). This contract facilitates the timely and cost- <br />effective removal of dead and diseased trees from village -owned property and rights-of-way. <br />The award was pursuant to a public bidding process. <br />The term of the initial contract was one (1) year. However, the contract terms and the Village <br />Board award included authorization to extend the contract in one (1) year intervals for a second <br />and third year provided Homer agreed not to increase rates and the village was otherwise <br />satisfied with the work. In compliance with these terms, the contract was extended in 2013 and <br />again in 2014. The current and final extension of this contract terminates at the end of <br />December 2014. <br />The funds expended under this contract during the last three (3) years are delineated in Table 1 <br />below: <br />Table 1 <br />2014 $290,556 <br />2013 $266,127 <br />2012 7$216,523 <br />PROPOSAL <br />Homer recently submitted a proposal to extend the existing parkway tree removal contract for <br />an additional one (1) year term commencing January 1, 2015 and concluding December 31, <br />2015. Prices and all other terms from the initial 2012 contract remain unchanged. <br />