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A[cxant 1'rs;�it�t <br />Village of Mount Prospect <br />Mount Prospect, Illinois <br />INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM <br />TO. ASSISTANT VILLAGE MANAGER DAVE STRAHL <br />FROM- IT DIRECTOR Aft <br />DATE: AUGUST 26, 2014M <br />Lit 1b <br />SUBJECT: REQUEST TO WAIVE THE BID AND PURCHASE TWO REPLACEMENT <br />STORAGE AREA NETWORKSI <br />SL OLAor <br />Staff is requesting approval to purchase two SANs (storage area networks) to acoc .date t e <br />Village's increasing need for electronic data storage space. Storage needs have outgrown the - <br />existing resources and will continue to grow. After substantial research, staff has determined <br />that a Tegile HA2100 SAN will best meet the Village's needs. .Aorl <br />Background <br />The Village's file servers are primarily virtualized. Five Dell Equallogic SANs — three at Village <br />Hall (VH) and two at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) - are used to house all the virtual <br />servers. Replication is setup to copy data daily from the Village Hall datacenter to the EOC and <br />vice versa so that, in the case of a catastrophic failure, data would never be more than a day <br />old. However, the replication area on the EOC side is now full so some of the servers can no <br />longer replicate. <br />Until recently the Village has been able to keep storage needs manageable by establishing <br />"Records Days" for employees to organize and clear out unneeded documents. Records Days <br />have been a huge success but are no longer enough; more storage is still needed. The existing <br />SANs are on the replacement schedule and two five-year-old SANs are available for <br />replacement this year. However, the existing SANs are still viable and will be repurposed to <br />store system backups. <br />Research <br />In the last few years there has been a great deal of change in the electronic data storage <br />technology. Some of the features that would be most beneficial to the Village are listed below. <br />• Compression: Ability to compact data by removing unnecessary information to allow more <br />data per gigabyte of storage. <br />• Deduplication: Ability to replace redundant blocks of data with pointers to the first block to <br />allow more data per gigabyte of storage. <br />• Snapshots: Ability to make copies of data volumes on the same SAN as the original. We <br />use this feature now. <br />• Replication: Ability to mirror data to a second data store. We use this feature now. <br />• NAS (Network Attached Storage) Protocol Support: Ability to create data shares directly, <br />without using an additional server operating system layer. This could potentially eliminate <br />the need for some server licenses. <br />