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Village of Mount Prospect <br />Mount Prospect, Illinois <br />INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM <br />TO: MICHAEL E. JANONIS, VILLAGE MANAGER <br />FROM: FINANCE DIRECTOR <br />DATE. SEPTEMBER 11, 2014 <br />SUBJECT: COPIER LEASE AND MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT <br />N io n i nt Prospcct <br />Attached is a memo dated September 8, 2014 prepared by Lynn Jarog, Deputy Finance <br />Director, recommending the lease of seven replacement copiers from Nexus Office Equipment. <br />A thorough review of vendors and machine options was done concluding with her <br />recommendation. The cost of the four-year lease of the seven copiers is a not to exceed <br />$103,152. Additionally, staff is recommending Nexus be awarded a Four-year agreement to <br />provide maintenance in support of the leased copiers. The cost of the maintenance agreement <br />for the four-year period is $16,520. The maintenance agreement covers all scheduled <br />preventive maintenance work and includes all parts, supplies, service, labor and guaranteed <br />service response time. Toner is included in the cost of maintenance. <br />Included under the Village Manager's Report is a motion to approve an agreement with Nexus <br />Office Systems to lease seven copiers for a four-year period in an amount not to exceed <br />$103,152. There is a second motion to approve a four-year maintenance agreement with <br />Nexus Office Equipment for a base amount of $13,140. Any black & white copies over 500,000 <br />annually are paid at a rate of $0.0049. Color copies over 40,000 annually are paid at a rate of <br />$0.042. <br />Details on the background of the copier lease program and selection process are included in the <br />memo. There are sufficient funds included in the budget to support the cost of the copier lease <br />and maintenance agreements. Please review the information and let me know if you have any <br />questions. <br />David O. Erb <br />Finance Director <br />H:\ACCT\Copiers\2014 Board Proposal\Supplemental Copier Memo-2014.docx <br />