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Mmint ProsWmt <br />6 Village of Mount Prospect <br />Fire Department <br />INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM <br />TO: MICHAEL E. JANONIS, VILLAGE MANAGER <br />FROM: FIRE CHIEF <br />DATE: AUGUST 12, 2014 <br />SUBJECT: REPLACEMENT OF FIRE DEPARTMENT BUS <br />The Fire Department is requesting Village Board approval for the purchase of a <br />2014 Chevy Express 4500 14 passenger bus from Midwest Transit Equipment, <br />Inc., out of Kankakee, Illinois, in an amount not to exceed $49,970.75. Midwest <br />Transit Equipment, Inc. was awarded the bus contract through the State of Illinois <br />competitive bid process. <br />Background <br />The proposed vehicle replaces a 1995 Ford Eldorado 14 passenger bus, which <br />was purchased used in 2004. This vehicle has over 103,000 miles and is <br />scheduled for replacement this year. The Fire Department budgeted $66,000.00 <br />this year for the replacement. <br />The current bus is in need of major body work to correct issues with rust and is <br />starting to have reoccurring mechanical issues, which is why I am recommending <br />purchasing a new bus. Exhibit A (see attached) provides detailed information <br />from Public Works regarding the extensive repairs necessary to keep this vehicle <br />operational. The bus is expected to require over $24,000.00 in repairs including a <br />rebuild of the engine, a new transmission and other major system repairs. <br />Staff consisting of Fire Department and Vehicle Maintenance personnel started <br />the search for a replacement bus by looking at used buses. We looked at a few <br />used buses through a local vendor, and did find one that was in good condition <br />with low miles, but it was promptly sold the next day before we could take any <br />action. As a result, we then focused our search on new buses by meeting with <br />the same local vendor to discuss our needs. The vendor provided a quote of <br />$61,800 for a new bus. We also looked at new buses being offered on the State <br />bid and determined that one of these vehicles would meet our needs. After <br />careful consideration, staff determined that the State bid option would best meet <br />our needs and therefore recommends purchasing this vehicle. This bus is brand <br />new and under budget. <br />