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Mount <br />1 li <br />Mount Prospect Public Works Department <br />INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM <br />TO: VILLAGE MANAGER MICHAEL E. JANONIS <br />FROM: WATER & SEWER SUPERINTENDENT <br />DATE: JULY 31, 2014 <br />SUBJ: BID RESULTS FOR HIGH - SERVICE PUMP REHABILITATION <br />(NOT TO EXCEED $86,687.00) <br />Background <br />The Village of Mount Prospect operates a water distribution system that uses high - <br />service booster pumps to circulate water through the distribution system to and from the <br />various water reservoirs to the customer. Each year, staff performs testing and <br />preventive maintenance on these high - service pumps and motors. As part of this <br />annual check -up, certain pumps and motor assemblies are identified as needing further <br />rehabilitation. <br />This year, three (3) pumps were identified as needing further work. The three (3) pump <br />and motor assemblies needing work include a 75HP pump #1 at Booster Station 5, a <br />75HP pump #2 at Booster Station 16 and a 100 HP pump #3 at Booster Station 17. <br />Staff prepared a bid specification for the repair of the pumps and the replacement of the <br />electric motors for these assemblies. <br />Bid Results <br />Bid documents were sent to seventeen (17) area firms and a bid notice was published <br />in a local paper. Bids were received on June 30, 2014, opened and read aloud as <br />required. The following two (2) firms submitted bids: <br />BIDDER <br />PUMP #3 AT <br />STA. 17 <br />PUMP #2 <br />AT STA. 16 <br />PUMP #1 <br />AT STA. 5 <br />TOTAL <br />BID <br />Peerless Midwest, <br />Mishawaka, IN <br />$27,795.00 <br />$26,655.00 <br />$27,337.00 <br />$81,687.00 <br />Industrial Water Services, <br />New Carlisle, IN <br />$29,702.00 <br />$29,702.00 <br />$29,702.00 <br />$89,106.00 <br />