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Mount <br />Mount Prospect Public Works Department <br />INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM <br />TO: <br />FROM: <br />DATE: <br />SUBJ: <br />Background <br />DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS SEAN P. DORSEY <br />STREET & BUILDING SUPERINTENDENT <br />JUNE 23, 2014 <br />RFP RESULTS FOR DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT <br />SERVICES FOR PUBLIC WORKS HVAC REPLACEMENT ($25,500.00) <br />There are nine HVAC roof top units at Public Works (eight heating units and one air <br />conditioning) that are 26 years old and have lasted beyond their 20 year useful life expectancy. <br />Due to exposure to the elements, age and extensive use the units have suffered failures at an <br />increasing frequency. Parts are becoming hard to find and major repair costs are approaching <br />full replacement costs. During the past two years the units have been inspected by two different <br />HVAC companies with both contractors recommending the units be replaced. <br />Unfortunately staff lacks the resources and expertise to prepare satisfactory plans, specifications <br />and bidding documents necessary to complete this project. Staff prepared a request for proposal <br />and solicited proposals from three (3) firms qualified to perform the work. The firms were asked <br />to submit the following: writing the specifications, conducting a pre -bid walkthrough, reviewing <br />the bids and overseeing the construction per their design. <br />Proposal <br />All three firms that received a proposal submitted a proposal to provide the requested <br />professional services. <br />CS2 Design Group <br />$23,500.00 <br />Syska Hennessey <br />$30,000.00 <br />Larson Engineering <br />$39,600.00 <br />CS2 Design Group of Elk Grove Village, Illinois submitted the lowest cost proposal at a cost of <br />$23,500. <br />