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Mount <br />1 ?i <br />INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM <br />TO: VILLAGE MANAGER MICHAEL E. JANONIS <br />FROM: WATER & SEWER SUPERINTENDENT <br />BATE: JUNE 24, 2014 <br />SUBJ': BID RESULTS - 2014 EXTERIOR PAINTING SERVICES ($39,713) <br />Background <br />In 2011, staff inventoried and assessed the condition of village -owned decorative streetlight <br />poles, pedestrian light poles and controller cabinets. The main observation was that while the <br />poles and lights were in operating condition; their overall appearance was becoming haggardly <br />and dull due to peeling paint. As the poles, fixtures and cabinets age due to effects of <br />weathering; the paint peels and fades creating a poor aesthetic appearance. <br />Staff assessed the condition of the following items in the downtown area and along selected <br />roadways: <br />• 388 roadway streetlight fixtures and poles <br />206 pedestrian fixtures and poles <br />• 30 streetlghting controller cabinets <br />For a total of 624 assets that would be addressed in the ongoing maintenance effort. <br />Last year (2013), a contract was let to paint 94 items or approximately 15% of these assets. <br />Staff proposes to continue this work in 2014. The proposed work for 2014 will encompass an <br />additional 88 items bringing the total number of assets re- painted to 182 items or approximately <br />30% of the total inventory. <br />Request for Bids <br />Staff prepared a specification and bid document for the cleaning and painting of the four (4) <br />streetlight poles and eighteen (18) pedestrian lights and poles as the base bid, along with seven <br />(7) additional groups of assets as alternate bids. The attached map shows the area where this <br />year's effort would begin. This year's project work was divided into areas, 1 -4, which each <br />have an associated map. <br />The bid document called for the project to be a prevailing wage job with unit pricing. The bid' <br />document also asked for pricing on an additional seven (7) alternate bid items if the budget <br />allowed. The alternate items were groups of additional roadway streetlights, pedestrian <br />streetlights and two (2) streetlighting control cabinets based on area maps prepared by the <br />Village (see attached). $40,000 is allocated in the 2014 budget for this work. <br />Mount Prospect Public 'Works Department <br />