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nt Prospcct <br />1 li <br />Village of Mount Prospect <br />Fire Department <br />INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM <br />TO: VILLAGE MANAGER MICHAEL E <br />FROM: FIRE CHIEF <br />DATE: APRIL 22, 2014 <br />JANONIS <br />- 0(14 <br />SUBJECT: FIRE ENGINE PURCHASE — WAIVER OF BID <br />Background <br />The Fire Department is scheduled to replace a 1999 Pierce Quantum fire engine in <br />2014. This apparatus has over 78,000 miles and its condition and service history <br />indicate replacement is warranted. This vehicle has been kept in reserve status <br />anticipating its replacement this year. Fire engines are generally kept for 15 years; ten <br />for frontline and five for reserve status. This apparatus has met its useful life expectancy <br />and several repairs will be needed if the service life is extended any longer, based on <br />condition and mileage. The transmission has shown signs of needing a major overhaul, <br />which could exceed $15,000 to repair properly. <br />As there were numerous fire departments considering the purchase of apparatus, a <br />committee was formed through the Northwest Municipal Conference for a joint <br />purchase. <br />General Bid Information <br />The Northwest Municipal Conference Joint Purchasing Advisory Committee organized <br />the request for proposal. The committee was comprised of representatives from fire <br />service agencies in the Northeastern Illinois region. Request for proposals were sent to <br />over twenty manufacturers of fire apparatus. <br />On July 9, 2013, the Northwest Municipal Conference opened bids for fire apparatus <br />from all vendors. The lowest responsive bidder was Global Emergency Products, Inc. <br />(Pierce). <br />The Fire Department Apparatus Committee reviewed the awarded bid and found a new <br />stipulation which prevents a municipality from choosing a different chassis. In the past, <br />the local municipality was allowed to change chassis from the manufacturer that was <br />awarded the bid. As this is not the case this year, Global Emergency Products offered <br />an option of purchasing a stock unit. <br />