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Mount Prospect <br />1 1� <br />Mount Prospect Public Works Department <br />INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM <br />TO: VILLAGE MANAGER MICHAEL E. JANONIS <br />FROM: VEHICLE/EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE SUPERINTENDENT <br />DATE: MARCH 19, 2014 <br />SUBJECT: ACCEPT STATE OF ILLINOIS BID FOR THE PURCHASE OF ONE (1) <br />NEW TANDEM AXLE TRUCK, CAB AND CHASSIS ($79,950) <br />Background <br />In the current budget, there are funds available to replace tandem axle truck 2728. 2728 is a <br />1996 International 53,000 lb. GVWR dump truck with snow and ice control equipment. This <br />truck is used by the Public Works Department maintenance crews to haul miscellaneous <br />materials, such as asphalt, black dirt, sand, stone, etc. to job sites throughout the Village. This <br />truck is also equipped with a snowplow, underbody scraper, and "V" type salt spreader for <br />winter snow and ice control on the highways. <br />Replacement Policy <br />This vehicle has been evaluated utilizing our detailed comprehensive replacement policy. This <br />policy uses a point -based criterion, which rates the following four (4) major factors to a baseline <br />when considering a unit for replacement: Age, mileage, repair & maintenance (R &M) cost, and <br />condition of the body /mechanical components. A point total equaling or exceeding eleven (11) <br />out of sixteen (16) indicates that the vehicle should be recommended for replacement. <br />This vehicle scored a total of twelve (12) points indicating a high rating and should be replaced. <br />The vehicle condition evaluation forms and summary reports have been attached as Exhibits A <br />and B respectively. Additionally, I have included the life cycle cost analysis on Exhibit C, which <br />breaks out our total ownership costs for the vehicle. <br />Other Factors <br />The current truck has a double "C" channel frame construction and has rust between the two <br />channels. This rust will eventually cause the frame to crack and lose the necessary strength <br />needed to carry heavy loads. At the time when we purchased this truck we had to have both "C" <br />channels to meet the weight limits when the truck is loaded with salt during snow and ice control <br />operations. The new proposed chassis will have a heavier single "C" channel frame construction <br />eliminating the future rust problem between the channels. Additionally, the steel cab body is in <br />very poor condition with rust holes under the cab. <br />