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Mount Prospect Public Works Department <br />INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM <br />TO: VILLAGE MANAGER MICHAEL E. JANONIS <br />FROM: VEHICLE /EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE SUPERINTENDENT <br />DATE: FEBRUARY 7, 2014 <br />SUBJECT: PURCHASE OF ONE (1) NEW ARTICULATING AND OSCILLATING <br />TRACTOR ($116,017) <br />Background <br />In the current budget, there are funds available to replace sidewalk utility tractor 4508. 4508 is <br />a 1999 Trackless MT5 used by Public Works staff to remove snow in our downtown business <br />district and on sidewalks along Northwest Highway, Central Road, Route 83, and at various <br />other locations throughout the Village. <br />We have operated two (2) of these articulating and oscillating "Trackless" brand tractors over <br />the last 15 -20 years to accomplish the needed snow removal in a timely and effective manner. <br />These tractors have served the Village well based on reliability, performance and overall <br />versatility. All of the current attachments (snowblower, broom, and plow) can be utilized on the <br />new proposed tractor and can be changed out quickly. This versatility is critical to public works <br />operations; it will allow us to share attachments with an existing Trackless tractor and limit the <br />variety of stocked parts. Most importantly, it will enable operators to maneuver the tractor in <br />confined downtown spaces with little or no retraining. Purchasing a comparable tractor from a <br />different manufacturer would require us to purchase additional commonly stocked parts. <br />The Materials Management Division of the State of Minnesota has prepared bid specifications <br />for municipal utility tractors and sent them to several vendors that provide these types of <br />tractors. Each vendor submitted a competitive bid price for the specific manufacturer /model <br />they sell. The State of Minnesota has made this contract available to its state agencies and to <br />members of its state's Cooperative Purchasing Venture (CPV) program at the same prices, <br />terms, and conditions. I have reviewed the specifications and field- demonstrated another <br />manufacturer's model to insure the new Trackless machine will continue to be the most cost <br />effective choice available for our needs. <br />Replacement Policy <br />This equipment has been evaluated utilizing our detailed comprehensive replacement policy. <br />This policy uses a point -based criterion, which rates the following four (4) major factors to a <br />baseline when considering a unit for replacement: Age, mileage /hours, repair & maintenance <br />(R &M) cost, and condition of the body /mechanical components. A point total equaling or <br />exceeding eleven (11) out of sixteen (16) indicates that the vehicle should be recommended for <br />replacement. <br />This vehicle scored a total of twelve (12) points indicating a high rating, which is recommended <br />to be replaced. The vehicle condition evaluation form and summary report have been attached <br />as Exhibit A and B respectively. Additionally, I have included the life cycle cost analysis on <br />Exhibit C, which breaks out our total ownership costs. <br />