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Prospect <br />Mount Prospect Public Works Department <br />l INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM <br />TO: <br />FROM: <br />DATE: <br />SUBJ: <br />VILLAGE MANAGER MICHAEL E. JANONIS <br />DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS <br />JANUARY 30, 2014 <br />% B4,6. 1 64 <br />4 1 4 <br />.,4_ 1 <br />RESTORATION COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH VILLAGE HALL FIRE SPA SYSTEM <br />FAILURE ($171,343.47) <br />Backeround <br />At approximately 11:30 PM on January 7, 2014, a fire sprinkler head installed above the ceiling adjacent <br />to the west wall of the Executive Conference Room on the third floor of the Village Hall broke due to <br />exposure to extreme cold weather. The sprinkler head was installed near the exterior envelope of the <br />building and was particularly susceptible to the cold weather and wind gusts. <br />The break subsequently triggered activation of the fire pump resulting in a prolonged pressurized water <br />discharge that inundated the Executive Conference Room, adjacent hallway, and a portion of the Village <br />Board Room. Water from the sprinkler system also traveled down the west stairwell and through floor <br />joints to damage office spaces, storage rooms, and hallways on the second floor (Human Services <br />Department) and first floor (Finance Department). Water also reached the bottom of the west stairwell <br />and caused limited damage to the carpeting in the Information Technology Division main office space. <br />Public Works and Fire Department personnel responded to the fire sprinkler activation alarm and <br />extinguished flow. Subsequently, staff contacted QCi Restoration of Elgin, Illinois to provide emergency <br />water damage mitigation services. <br />The scope of work related to QCi's mitigation services included labor, material, and equipment to dry <br />surfaces inundated by sprinkler system water. The total cost of these emergency services was <br />$14,008.72. <br />Restoration Proposals <br />QCi has also provided a proposal for restoration work related to this incident. This proposal was <br />prepared based on QCi's recommendation to replace all soft surfaces damaged by water. Soft surfaces <br />include all carpet, drywall, and ceiling tiles. The total cost of this work, as estimated by QCi, is <br />$106,459.73. <br />QCi's restoration proposal includes the replacement of drywall that had contact with sprinkler water. <br />Generally, the extent of this work is limited to the bottom 2 feet of affected walls. However, the <br />exterior wall in the Executive Conference Room will require more extensive replacement due to its <br />