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Mount <br />Mount Prospect Public Works Department <br />INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM <br />TO: ACTING VILLAGE MANAGER DAVID STRAHL <br />FROM: VEHICLE/EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE SUPERINTENDENT <br />DATE: DECEMBER 4, 2014 <br />SUBJECT: ACCEPT NJPA BID FOR THE PURCHASE OF ONE (1) NEW 70' <br />REARMOUNT AERIAL TRUCK WITH FLATBED BODY ($182,500.00) <br />Background <br />In the current budget, there are sufficient funds available to replace unit 4541. 4541 is a 1997 <br />International 4900 with a flatbed body and 55' Aerial Lift of Connecticut (ALC) used by the <br />Public Works Department's Forestry Division. This truck is primarily utilized for maintaining <br />the Village's parkway tree population (tree trimming, tree removals, cabling, inspections, etc.). <br />Our current aerial unit is well liked by many operators/mechanics, but unfortunately they went <br />out of business several years ago. In preparation of selecting the appropriate unit, we inspected <br />several aerial trucks from various Villages and local tree companies over the past year. The <br />Forestry Division also wanted to make sure the aerial selected would have the over -center <br />capability, higher working height, and greater side reach compared to our current unit. The <br />additional 15 feet of working height and greater side reach is necessary as age and crowns of our <br />tree population have grown larger in the seventeen years since this truck was purchased. <br />Replacement Policy <br />This vehicle has been evaluated utilizing our detailed comprehensive replacement policy. This <br />policy uses a point -based criterion, which rates the following four (4) major factors to a baseline <br />when considering a unit for replacement: Age, mileage, repair & maintenance (R&M) cost, and <br />condition of the body/mechanical components. A point total equaling or exceeding eleven (11) <br />out of sixteen (16) indicates that the vehicle should be recommended for replacement. <br />This vehicle scored a total of fifteen (15) points indicating a high rating and should be placed on <br />the highest priority to be replaced. The vehicle condition evaluation form and summary report <br />have been attached as Exhibits A and B respectively. Additionally, I have included the life cycle <br />cost analysis on Exhibit C, which breaks out our total ownership cost. <br />Other Factors <br />If the service life is extended the following repairs should be performed: <br />➢ Refurbish/paint rear body and rusted sheet metal $3,500.00 <br />➢ Replace brakes, springs and king pins $5,200.00 <br />➢ Aerial bull gear, cables and upper boom $20,000.00 <br />Total estimated cost: $28,700.00 <br />