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Mount Prospect Public Works Department <br />INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM <br />TO: ACTING VILLAGE MANAGER DAVID STRAHL <br />FROM: VEHICLEXQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE SUPERINTENDENT <br />DATE: DECEMBER 9, 2014 <br />SUBJECT: RFP RESULTS FOR ALTERNATIVE FUEL STUDY ($39,135.00) <br />BACKGROUND <br />In October 2014, Public Works requested proposals for an alternative fuel study of the Village's <br />municipal fleet in an effort to examine the potential for fuel expenditure reductions and <br />environmental improvements utilizing alternative fuels. The following scope of work was <br />requested in the RFP: <br />• Assessment of the Village's fleet, define the feasibility and advantages of conversion to <br />an alternate fuel without sacrificing safety and service. A complete list of vehicles will be <br />provided upon contract approval. <br />• Alternative fuel sources should include compressed natural gas, liquid petroleum gas, all <br />electric and hybrid. <br />• Feasibility of constructing an alternative fueling station in the Village and the estimated <br />cost to construct. Include the time needed to fuel a single vehicle for various fuels. <br />• Provide information of any grant, rebate or incentive programs offered by the State or <br />Federal government. <br />• Provide cost analysis to retrofit vehicles for alternative fuels. <br />• Identify any necessary alterations and associated costs needed to the Public Works <br />vehicle maintenance area to accommodate the repair and maintenance of alternative <br />fueled vehicles. <br />• Estimate the regular maintenance costs of a fleet utilizing alternative fuels. <br />• Define impacts of converting to alternative fuels on drivers/mechanics daily routines and <br />changes associated with alternative fuel vehicles. <br />o Fueling (charging) logistics based on Village's vehicle use <br />o Impacts on driver's /Village's daily processes <br />o Repair and maintenance, including training <br />• Define safety considerations for use of alternative fuels <br />• Define matrix of investment requirements for Village Fleet needs: <br />o Vehicle change alternatives (fuel type, convert or buy new) <br />o Fueling infrastructure options <br />o Operation and maintenance facilities <br />o Vehicle repair and maintenance <br />