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Mount <br />Mount Prospect Public Works Department <br />INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM <br />TO: VILLAGE MANAGER MICHAEL JANONIS <br />FROM: TRAFFIC ENGINEER <br />DATE: NOVEMBER 20, 2014 <br />SUBJECT: SEE GWUN AVENUE TRAFFIC CALMING PROJECT <br />CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT AWARD - $86,172.00 <br />Background <br />In April 2014, the Engineering Division presented an alternate traffic calming plan for See Gwun Avenue that was <br />supported by the Village Board of Trustees. The plan includes removing the four remaining speed humps north <br />of Weller Creek and installing a series of colored/textured pavement sections and speed feedback signs between <br />Golf Road and Lincoln Street. The plan also includes replacing the roll curb along the 700 block of See Gwun <br />Avenue with a barrier curb. <br />The plan was not implemented this year because of the golf course construction project. With the work <br />involving heavy equipment now completed, we will be in a position to begin the traffic calming project in the <br />spring 2015. The first phase will involve installing three colored/textured pavement sections and two speed <br />feedback signs between Lonnquist Boulevard and Golf Road. The second phase will involve work between <br />Lonnquist Boulevard and Lincoln Street once the golf course project is fully completed. All four blocks will be <br />resurfaced with new asphalt. The roll curb along the 700 block will be replaced with barrier curb. And four <br />colored/textured pavement sections and two speed feedback signs will be installed. All work is expected to be <br />completed in 2015. <br />The curb and asphalt work will be done as part of the Village's annual street resurfacing program. The speed <br />feedback signs will be installed by Village forces. It is the colored/textured pavement sections that will be <br />installed by a specialized contractor and, therefore, required to go through a separate bidding process. After <br />much research, the Engineering Division has decided to use a product called Traffic Print. Approximately 1" of <br />the asphalt will be replaced with a hot, colored material and stamped with a pattern before cooling. Each area <br />will span the width of the street and be 20' long. Vehicles will be able to drive over and park on the Traffic Print <br />material. They will add a decorative element to the street and provide a visual queue for vehicles to slow down. <br />Traffic Print was created by Traffic Calming USA, a Georgia -based company that specializes in manufacturing <br />traffic calming products. Their primary clients are state, county and municipal agencies. Staff has met with <br />representatives to learn about the material and visited a nearby community that has Traffic Print. It is the <br />preferred product based on its look, low cost maintenance, and longevity. Traffic Print is expected to last the <br />life of the adjacent asphalt roadway (approximately 20 years). <br />page 1 of 2 <br />