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Request to Purchase Two Replacement Storage Area Networks <br />August 26, 2014 <br />Page 2 <br />• Expandability: Ability to add more storage to a SAN without buying an entire new SAN. <br />• Flash SSD: Ability to use solid state flash drives for faster access. Hybrid systems use both <br />flash drives and standard drives to increase speed while keeping the cost down. Frequently <br />accessed data is automatically moved to the flash drives while infrequently accessed data is <br />moved to the standard drives (auto -tiering). <br />The availability of new technology allows staff to evaluate different vendors and their products. <br />As part of the research, staff consulted expert opinions from the two unbiased resources below <br />and chose three vendors with popular mid-range products. <br />Datacenter Infrastructure Group, Inc., (DCIG) is a group of analysts with IT industry <br />expertise who provide informed, third party analysis and commentary on IT technology <br />solutions. In their "2014 Hybrid Storage Array Buyer's Guide", DCIG's highest ratings went <br />to Tegile SANs, and secondly to EMC. <br />Info -Tech Research Group Inc. is an information technology research and advisory <br />company. In Info-Tech's "Vendor Landscape: Small to Mid -Range Storage Arrays", EMC <br />and Dell are rated as "champions", and Tegile is rated as an "innovator". However, Dell has <br />announced that its Equallogic product line will eventually be phased into their Compellent <br />series of SAN products. <br />The chart below compares features and prices for Equallogic, EMC and Tegile SANs. Only <br />Tegile provides all the desired features. All line items include three years of support. <br />00 <br />o « 0 <br />C <br />3 <br />c�a <br />d ° m�Cn .-. <br />-CL <br />rn <br />~ <br />� <br />a a <br />a <br />m4) <br />Z EC7 V� NC9 <br />N <br />v o <br />N <br />m N <br />a` <br />Dell Equallogic <br />PS621 OX w/ 10K <br />- <br />X <br />X <br />X <br />8 <br />21.6 <br />- <br />$73,112.60 <br />Drives <br />Dell <br />Dell Equallogic <br />PS621 OX w/ 15K <br />- <br />- <br />X <br />X <br />X <br />8 <br />14.4 <br />- <br />$72,737.90 <br />Drives <br />EMC VNXe3150 <br />x <br />x <br />- <br />x <br />x <br />16 <br />17.4 <br />- <br />$75,516.40 <br />EMC VNX3200 <br />X <br />X <br />X <br />- <br />X <br />48 <br />18.6 <br />300 <br />$64,448.90 <br />EMC VNX5200 w/o <br />X <br />X <br />- <br />- <br />X <br />32 <br />22.5 <br />300 <br />$72,141.18 <br />Replication <br />Presidio <br />EMC VNX5200 w/ <br />Continuous <br />X <br />X <br />- <br />X <br />X <br />32 <br />22.5 <br />300 <br />$131,578.84 <br />Replication <br />Note: EMC VNX5200 replication is continuous between sites instead of daily. <br />Tegile HA2100 <br />x x X <br />x <br />x <br />96 <br />22 <br />600 <br />$82,600 <br />Hipskind <br />