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Page 2 of 2 <br />BID RESULTS FOR 2014 HVAC MAINTENANCE CONTRACT (NOT TO EXCEED $47,326) <br />August 12, 2014 <br />DISCUSSION <br />The low bidder, Bedco Mechanical Inc., has provided scheduled maintenance and emergency <br />service work to the Village for the last thirteen (13) years. The annual maintenance fee covers <br />quarterly inspections on all units which includes; checking the belts, oil, bearings, pressures, <br />fluid levels, condensers, filter changes and correcting any problems found during the inspections. <br />The bids were also based on an average annual call back for non - scheduled work or emergency <br />services which averaged two hundred and eighty hours per year over the last several years. <br />Bedco Mechanical Inc. has responded in a timely manner and all work was performed in an <br />acceptable manner during this contract. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />I recommend acceptance of the lowest qualified bid as submitted by Bedco Mechanical Inc. of <br />Glenview, Illinois for the HVAC Maintenance Contract in an amount not to exceed $47,326. <br />Awards for subsequent years of this contract (years 2 and 3) will be limited to funds appropriated <br />for HVAC maintenance in approved budgets. <br />(�ti '_cy1t_6e9 <br />Paul Bures <br />Superintendent of Streets & Buildings <br />c: Director of Public Works Scan P Dorsey <br />Deputy Director of Public Works Jason Leib <br />File <br />TTY I�—nT4TNTISTP ATVV.i \P v TS\HV CCC)I ,iTR 2/11d APC <br />Director of Public Works <br />