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Page 2 of 2 <br />PUBLIC WORKS UNIFORM RENTAL AND CLEANING CONTRACT ($9,778.08) <br />June 26, 2014 <br />Discussion <br />Based on the tabulation, the lowest annual cost for this proposed contract is $9,778.08 as submitted by <br />Aramark. The price submitted by Aramark represents an approximate 18% reduction in cost over the <br />current contract. Furthermore the price submitted by Aramark represents a 30% reduction in cost over the <br />contract awarded in 2008. <br />Staff reviewed the submitted bids and both vendors submitted addendum to the bid <br />specifications /contract. Specifically Aramark submitted an addendum changing the insurance <br />requirements, hold harmless language and the contract termination language. The second low bidder <br />G &K Services, of Bensenville, IL, also submitted an addendum to the bid requesting changes to the <br />indemnification and hold harmless language. It should be noted that the indemnification, hold harmless <br />and contract termination language is identical to the language in the current contract. The addendums <br />submitted by Aramark and G &K Services were reviewed by the Village attorney with the attorney <br />determining that the changes to the contract language do not place the Village at a higher level of risk. <br />The Village attorney finds the changes acceptable; however, the changes represent a substantive deviation <br />from the bid. Because of the significant changes to the bid the Village attorney's opinion is that all bids <br />submitted must be rejected. Staff recommends rejecting the bids submitted by Aramark and G &K <br />Services. <br />The prices as submitted by Aramark were obtained through a valid public bidding process and represent a <br />significant savings over the current contract. In addition, Aramark is the current uniform vendor and has <br />proven themselves to be a reliable and competent supplier of laundered public works uniforms. Staff <br />discussed, with the Village attorney, the potential of awarding the contract directly to Aramark. The <br />Village attorney agreed that waiving the bid process after rejecting the current bids and awarding a <br />contract directly to Aramark for the prices in their bid submittal was a legal and viable solution. <br />Staff is recommending waiving the required public bid process and entering into a three (3) year <br />agreement with Aramark of Burbank, CA for $9,788.08 per year. Sufficient funds are in the budget for <br />this award. <br />Recommendations <br />The following two recommendations are being made: <br />1. Reject all bids submitted (Aramark and G &K Services) for the Public Works Uniform cleaning <br />and rental contract as non - responsive to the bid documents. <br />2. Waive the bid process and enter into a three (3) year agreement with Aramark of Burbank, CA for <br />Cleaning and rental of Public Works uniforms for $9,788.08 in contract year 2014. Sufficient <br />funds exist in the current budget for these expenditures. Expenditures in 2015 and 2016 will <br />be limited to amounts authorized by th dget. <br />�� � Leib <br />I concur with th dations. <br />Sean P. D <br />Public Works Director <br />