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Mount Prospect Public Works Department <br />X INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM <br />TO: VILLAGE MANAGER MICHAEL E. JANONIS <br />FROM: VEHICLE /EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE SUPERINTENDENT <br />DATE: MARCH 20, 2014 <br />SUBJECT: PURCHASE OF ONE (1) NEW BRUSH CHIPPER ($43,097.59) <br />Background <br />In the current budget, there are funds available to replace brush chipper 4521. 4521 is a 2003 <br />Morbark, Model 13 used daily by Public Works to chip tree limbs and brush. It is also used <br />extensively for storm damage clean -up of downed and damaged trees and /or tree limbs. <br />Public Works has three (3) brush chippers. One (1) is a 15" Vermeer chipper and the other two <br />(2) are Morbark 13" machines. <br />Tree removal and maintenance workloads have increased dramatically in the last several years; <br />primarily due to increased storm activity and the Village -wide EAB infestation. Consequently, <br />staff has recommended that we move to the next capacity size of 15" allowing for the disposal of <br />all but the largest tree trunks. <br />Replacement Policy <br />This equipment has been evaluated utilizing our detailed comprehensive replacement policy. <br />This policy uses a point -based criterion, which rates the following four (4) major factors to a <br />baseline when considering a unit for replacement: Age, mileage /hours, repair & maintenance <br />(R &M) cost, and condition of the body /mechanical components. A point total equaling or <br />exceeding eleven (11) out of sixteen (16) indicates that the vehicle /equipment should be <br />recommended for replacement. <br />4521 scored a total of thirteen (13) points indicating a high rating, and is recommended for <br />replacement. The equipment condition evaluation form and summary report have been <br />attached as Exhibit A and B respectively. Additionally, I have included the life cycle cost <br />analysis on Exhibit C, which breaks out our total ownership costs. <br />Joint Purchasing Contract Pricing <br />In preparation for this proposed purchase, staff learned that satisfactory commercial chippers <br />are available via the following joint purchase programs: <br />Contract/Vendor <br />GSA/Alexander Eq <br />Lisle, IL <br />Year /Make /Model <br />2014 / Morbark <br />Model M15R <br />Trade -In <br />Bid Price Allowance <br />$53,097.59 $10,000.00 <br />Bid Price <br />Less Trade -In <br />$43,097.59 <br />NJPA/Vermeer 2014/Vermeer $52,673.00 $9,500.00 <br />Aurora, IL Model BC1500 <br />$43,173.00 <br />