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Village of Mount Prospect <br />Mount Prospect, Illinois <br />INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM <br />TO: ASSISTANT VILLAGE MANAGER DAVE STRAHL <br />FROM: IT DIRECTOR <br />DATE: FEBRUARY 24, 2014 <br />SUBJECT: REQUEST TO WAIVE BID PROCESS AND TO PUF <br />REPLACEMENT DESKTOP COMPUTERS <br />Staff is requesting approval to purchase 27 Dell desktop computers to replace six -year -old <br />computers that are slow and out of warranty. Also, staff is preparing for the end of support for <br />Windows XP which is scheduled for April 8, 2014. End of support means that Microsoft will no <br />longer provide security patches making the older systems more vulnerable. <br />The Village still has over one hundred Windows XP computers online. Some are currently in <br />the process of being upgraded, 27 will be replaced with this replacement schedule purchase, <br />and some special purpose PCs cannot be upgraded until the particular system's proprietary <br />software is supported by Windows 7. Since PC purchases were pushed back for budgetary <br />purposes a few years ago, there will be a need to request additional computer purchases this <br />fiscal year. Priority for upgrades to Windows 7 is given first to single -user computers, then to <br />multi -user computers, and lastly to training room PCs. <br />The Village has standardized on Dell computers and they provide discounted pricing to Illinois <br />municipalities per MHEC (Midwestern Higher Education Compact) Contract code 45ABZ. This <br />order will be placed through a TigerDirect, a Dell reseller, still taking advantage of the state <br />contract pricing. The cost is listed below. <br />Cost <br />27 OptiPlex 7010: Intel Core i5 -3770, 3.4 GHz, 6 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive, 1 $28,415.90 <br />DVD + / -RW, 23" monitor, MS Windows 7 Professional, Mouse, 4 -yr. Warranty. <br />$1,040.59 each plus shim)inq <br />I recommend that the Village accept the state bid and purchase 27 desktop computers from <br />TigerDirect for an amount not to exceed $28,415.90. Funds are available for this purchase. <br />) Middleton <br />IT Director <br />I:\VB Request Memos\2014 Desktop Requests.docx <br />1 <br />II �, <br />