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Mount <br />Nl?/ Village of Mount Prospect <br />Fire Department <br />INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM <br />TO: MICHAEL E. JANONIS, VILLAGE MANAGER <br />FROM: FIRE CHIEF <br />DATE: FEBRUARY 24, 2014 <br />SUBJECT: EXTRICATION EQUIPMENT PURCHASE <br />Background <br />The Fire Department is requesting Village Board approval to purchase new Genesis <br />extrication equipment from Equipment Management Company located at 22824 W. <br />Winchester Drive, Channahon, IL in an amount not to exceed $67,628. <br />The Department's current hydraulic extrication equipment is 12 years old and does not <br />perform effectively on many vehicles being manufactured today. Just as technology is <br />always changing, so are the methods for manufacturing cars. Many cars are now being <br />manufactured out of ultra high strength steel (UHSS) and other advanced metals. These <br />metals are being used in up to 60 percent of the entire body structure of all new <br />passenger vehicles and our current tools aren't as effective on UHSS. Extrication tools <br />being manufactured today, however, are specifically designed with the force necessary <br />to cut through these new materials. <br />The Department's current battery operated spreader /cutter units are over seven years <br />old. These units are becoming obsolete in terms of technology and are becoming cost <br />prohibitive to keep in service. The units operate using a 24V NiCad battery, which <br />develop a "memory" and should be completely discharged before they are charged <br />again. This requirement has proven impractical given the Department's operational <br />needs. The batteries in new extrication equipment utilize 28V Lithium -ion technology, <br />which are low maintenance and can be recharged at any point without creating a <br />"memory." Over the past two years, we have had to take several of the original batteries <br />out of service as they will no longer hold a charge. The cost to replace each battery is <br />$150. In addition, during this past year's preventative maintenance of these units, the <br />service technician advised the Department that it will be very difficult to repair them in <br />the future as the manufacturer is no longer making replacement parts for these units. <br />