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Mount Prospect Public Works Department @. <br />INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM TM CM UM <br />TO: VILLAGE MANAGER MICHAEL E. JANONIS <br />FROM: FORESTRY /GROUNDS SUPERINTENDENT <br />DATE: FEBRUARY 12, 2014 <br />SUBJECT: BID RESULTS - PARKWAY TREE STUMP REMOVALS - $152,634 <br />BACKGROUND <br />Sealed bids for parkway tree stump removals were opened on February 3, 2014. This contract <br />requires grinding tree stumps to a 10" - 12" depth, removing the grindings, and restoring the area <br />with topsoil and grass seed. This year, in order to expedite tree planting near existing stumps, we <br />also asked for prices for an additional surcharge to grind deeply enough to accommodate the root <br />ball of a new tree planting. We also included a provision which will allow us to extend the contract <br />for a second and a third year at the same bid prices, if both the contractor and Village agree. <br />BID RESULTS <br />Sixteen bids were distributed and a notice was published in a local newspaper. A mandatory pre -bid <br />meeting was held on January 24, 2014, which nine prospective bidders attended. Four bids were <br />received, and two no bid letters. Bid results are attached. <br />DISCUSSION <br />For this contract, quality control is very important, as well as being able to complete the required <br />amount of stumps within a fairly narrow window of time each spring and fall. Most of the stump <br />removals and restorations occur in front of our residents' homes, and therefore quality of work is of <br />the upmost importance. Additionally, many stump sites are planned planting sites for 2014, making <br />expeditious stump removals critical to our overall operations. <br />At this time we do not know how many stumps will need removal. We removed approximately <br />1000 stumps in 2013 and anticipate removing approximately the same amount this year, as EAB <br />losses continue. In the bid specifications we estimated that 12,000 diameter inches of stumps would <br />need removal, with 7000 inches in the 0 -24" diameter range and 5000 inches in the 25" and larger <br />diameter size class. The specifications were written to allow us to assign stumps, up to the full <br />amount budgeted. <br />Unfortunately, the lowest bidder, Fleck's Landscaping, failed to provide four satisfied municipal <br />references for comparable work, as required in the specifications. In fact, they did not provide and'. <br />satisfied references for stump removal work. Additionally, the required equipment list that Fleck's <br />submitted showed only that they own one stump grinder and assorted hand tools; this is nowhere <br />