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Mount <br />1 ?� <br />Mount Prospect Public Works Department <br />INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM <br />TO: VILLAGE MANAGER MICHAEL E. JANONIS <br />FROM: FORESTRY /GROUNDS SUPERINTENDENT <br />DATE: FEBRUARY 12, 2014 <br />SUBJECT: BID RESULTS FOR: <br />TREE REPLACEMENT FURNISHING/PLANTING ($157,790) <br />and <br />CONSTRUCTION - RELATED TREE FURNISHING/PLANTING (18,000) <br />BACKGROUND <br />Bids were recently opened for two separate projects which require the provision and installation of <br />parkway trees. Bid prices were sought for a wide variety of tree species, in sizes ranging from 1 -1/2" to <br />5" in trunk diameter. For both projects, bid prices will be good for our Spring 2014 and Fall 2014 <br />plantings. Bidders submitted a cost per tree to furnish, install and guarantee each tree. They also <br />submitted separate prices for "enhanced planting sites" which we may order on a small number of trees <br />being planted in very poor soil. <br />In the past, we would not have divided the purchase and installation of these trees into two separate <br />projects. We are doing so for the first time this year in an attempt to comply with new State of Illinois <br />interpretations regarding the payment of prevailing wages. The Village Board may recall previous <br />discussions about staff frustration with unclear guidelines for the application of Illinois Prevailing <br />Wage laws to tree and landscape projects. In May 2013, the Illinois Department of Labor published <br />some clarifying language on their website. Based on this language, it appears we still do not need to <br />require our contractors to pay IDOL'S prevailing wages on tree plantings installed as replacements for <br />dead, dying and structurally unsound trees. However, it appears we do need to start requiring the <br />payment of IDOL'S prevailing wages for replacement of trees removed due to utility and roadway <br />work. For this reason, we developed two sets of specifications that differ only in this respect. <br />BID RESULTS <br />Eighteen invitational bid packets containing both sets of specifications were mailed. A separate "Bid <br />Notice" for each project was published in a local newspaper. A mandatory pre -bid conference for both <br />projects was held for interested contractors on January 17, 2014; five contractors attended. Sealed bids <br />were opened on January 27, 2014. Bid results from both projects are seen in Attachments A and B. <br />DISCUSSION <br />At this time, we do not know how many trees we will need to order for either project. Based on last <br />year's parkways tree removals, we estimate we may need about 800 -900 trees for the Tree <br />