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Moomt Pmspect <br />MAYOR *ft Ar <br />Arlene A.Juracek <br />TRUSTEES <br />Paul Wm. Hoefert <br />A. John Korn <br />John J. Matuszak Village of Mount Prospect <br />Steven S. Polit <br />Richard F. Rogers Community Development Department <br />Michael A. Zadel <br />50 South Emerson Street Mount Prospect, Illinois 60056 <br />REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS <br />Demolition Contractor to Demolish a Single- Family Home <br />1112 N. Elmhurst, Mount Prospect, IL. 60056 <br />VILLAGE MANAGER <br />Michael E, Janonis <br />VILLAGE CLERK <br />M, Lisa Angell <br />Phone: 847/870 -5675 <br />Fax: 847/870 -6620 <br />TDD: 847/392 -6064 <br />www. <br />Background <br />The Village of Mount Prospect is seeking proposals to demolish a single - family home, including related <br />accessory structures, tree removal, and disconnection of utilities. <br />Scope of Proposal Requirements <br />The selected vendor shall meet the following conditions and complete the subject demolition within 30 <br />calendar days from the date of an executed contract with the Village of Mount Prospect. Proposals shall <br />include a quote for providing the following scope options. <br />Option A. Base -Bid Conditions: Demolition/Removal of House, Attached Garage, Detached Garage, <br />Shed, attached Patio, Stoop /Steps, and Landscape Timbers <br />1. Cook County permit is required and is the responsibility of the vendor. This includes any <br />environmental screening or testing for Cook County demolition application. <br />2. Village of Mount Prospect permit is required and is the responsibility of the vendor. <br />3. Village of Mount Prospect Contractor License is required and is the responsibility of the <br />vendor. <br />4. Disconnect all utilities to the main and accessory structures. Provide proper disconnect <br />letters from utilities for Cook County Demolition and Village of Mount Prospect permit <br />applications. <br />5. All demolition debris must be removed and properly disposed of off the property. All <br />federal, state, and local disposal requirements must be adhered to during the disposal <br />process. <br />6. Completely remove the footing, any drain tile, foundation, and entire house structure. <br />7. Backfill the foundation in appropriate lifts and rough grade entire foundation hole /over <br />dig. <br />8. Re- secure site fencing after completion of work. <br />9. Protect adjacent properties and public way during demolition work. This includes any <br />Village required tree protection. <br />10. After final rough grading, proper seed blanket installation and erosion control steps are to <br />be taken. <br />11. The vendor agrees to indemnify the Village, provide equal employment opportunity, and <br />provide the Village with the required insurance as per the attached supplement marked <br />with item numbers 17, 18, and 19 of the Village policy handbook <br />