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Village of Mount Prospect tai „xPros�xcr <br />Community Development Department <br />MEMORANDUM <br />TO: VILLAGE MANAGER <br />FROM: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR <br />DATE: JANUARY 13, 2014 <br />SUBJECT: ACCEPTANCE OF PROPOSAL FOR DEMOLITION OF 1112 N ELMHURST ROAD <br />The Village recently acquired the property located at 1112 N. Elmhurst Road through a judicial sale. The parcel <br />was sold to the Village as a result of property maintenance liens placed on the property in excess of $97,000. <br />Upon reviewing the existing conditions of the property staff determined the structures should be demolished and <br />the site marketed as a vacant parcel. As a result, the property was appraised and proposals for demolition of the <br />existing structures were obtained. The previous owners had until the end of 2013 to remove any possessions from <br />the property. <br />An appraisal of the property was performed by Darwin Dietrick and Associates, Inc. on December 18, 2013. The <br />appraisal assumed the property would be vacant following the demolition of the structures. Based on Darwin's <br />assessment, the vacant parcel is valued at $175,000. <br />The Community Development Department solicited proposals to clear the property and met with prospective <br />bidders on December 20, 2013, to review the proposed work. Proposals divided the work into four potential <br />options for the clearing of the site: <br />• Option A: Base Bid consisting of removal of all structures (home, two detached structures) on the parcel <br />• Option B: Base Bid + Sewer /Water Disconnect at Property Line <br />• Option C: Base Bid + Tree Removal <br />• Option D: Base Bid + Tree Removal + Sewer /Water Disconnect <br />Two proposals were submitted for demolition services by Langos Corp. ($22,080) and Albrecht Enterprises Inc. <br />($22,800). Both firms are capable of performing the services requested and have performed similar work for <br />other local municipalities. Staff is recommending accepting the proposal from Langos Corp for Option D in the <br />amount of $22,080. The accepted work will remove all structures from the property, backfill the crawlspace, and <br />seed the lot after completion. The existing driveway will remain on the property to provide access to the site. <br />Attached to this memorandum are copies of the request for proposals and associated submittals. Please forward <br />this memorandum and attachments to the Village Board for their review and consideration at their January 21, <br />2014 meeting. Staff will be present to answer any questions related to this matter. <br /> �� -- <br />William J ooncy, Jr., A l i c P <br />