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SISTER CITIES COMMISSION <br /> AGENDA <br /> Meeting Location: Meeting Date and Time: <br /> Community Room January 18, 2018 <br /> 50 South Emerson Street 6:00 P.M. <br /> Mount Prospect, Illinois 60056 <br /> L Call to order <br /> II. Citizens to be heard <br /> III. Approval of November 16, 2017, meeting minutes <br /> IV. Mayor's Comments - Mayor Arlene A. Juracek <br /> V. Chair's Comments —Bob Usnik <br /> a. Support of our 2018 events <br /> b. General discussion about wine, service fees <br /> c. Procedures on event reports <br /> VI. Treasurer's Report—Judy McGinnis <br /> VII. Committee Reports <br /> a. Wine Tasting January 11 Results —Colleen Saccotelli <br /> b. Trivia Night, Friday, March 9—Denise Rano <br /> c. Student Exchange Donation—Matt Bertke, Liz Theiss, Christina Haskell <br /> d. German Sister City—Skip Farley <br /> VIII. Open discussion <br /> IX. Adjournment-next meeting—Thursday March 15, 2018, 6:00pm <br /> ANY INDIVIDUAL WITH A DISABILITY WHO WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND THIS MEETING <br /> SHOULD CONTACT THE VILLAGE MANAGER'S OFFICE, <br /> 50 S. EMERSON ST., 847/392-6000, OR EMAIL Karen Agoranos AT <br /> Kagoranosgmountpros ec1, <br />