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9/15/2017 Board Docs® Pro <br />Agenda Item Details <br />Meeting Sep 19, 2017 - REGULAR MEETING OF THE MOUNT PROSPECT VILLAGE BOARD - 7:00 p.m. <br />Category <br />7. NEW BUSINESS <br />Subject <br />7.1 PZ -12-17 / 20 W. Northwest Hwy. / Nicholas & Associates / Conditional use for a preliminary <br />planned unit development — 1st reading of an ORDINANCE GRANTING A CONDITIONAL USE <br />PERMIT FOR A PRELIMINARY PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT FOR PROPERTIES LOCATED AT 20 <br />W. NORTHWEST HIGHWAY, 30 W. BUSSE AVENUE,32 W. BUSSE AVENUE, 34 W. BUSSE AVENUE <br />AND THE WEST END (.21 ACRES) OF W. BUSSE AVENUE RIGHT-OF-WAY, MOUNT PROSPECT, <br />ILLINOIS <br />Type <br />Action <br />Preferred Date <br />Sep 19, 2017 <br />Absolute Date <br />Sep 19, 2017 <br />Fiscal Impact <br />No <br />Recommended <br />Approval of a Conditional Use for a preliminary planned unit development (PUD) consisting of a <br />Action <br />six story, seventy-three (73) unit apartment building with a five thousand three hundred (5,300) <br />square foot restaurant and seventy-eight (78) garage parking spaces, subject to the conditions <br />of approval listed in the staff recommendation. <br />Goals <br />Information <br />The Petitioner, Nicholas and Associates, is seeking a conditional use to allow a preliminary planned unit development (PUD) at 20 <br />W. Northwest Highway. The Subject Property consists of four parcels and a portion of the Busse Avenue right of way. The Subject <br />Property is located in a prominent location in the downtown area that is commonly known as the Busse Triangle. Development of <br />this site has been a priority of the Village and is one of the Village's top Strategic Plan Goals. <br />The Petitioner is proposing to construct a mixed-use PUD consisting of a six -story building with seventy-three apartments and a <br />two story restaurant with related off-site improvements including public parking. The proposal would include rooftop seating for <br />the restaurant as well as two rooftop areas for the residents on top of the fourth and sixth floors. The petitioner is currently in <br />discussions with Mia's Cantina to occupy the 5,300 square foot restaurant space. The proposal would include closing off Busse <br />Avenue at Wille Street and constructing a new north/south drive that would connect Busse Avenue to the public alley on the north <br />side of the Busse Triangle. <br />The apartment building will consist of four studio, 46 one -bedroom, and 23 two-bedroom units with a variety of high-end modern <br />amenities and common areas. The petitioner will construct the building with steel framing and high quality brick, stone and glass <br />finishings. They have designed the building so that they could convert it to condominium units in the future if dictated by market <br />conditions. The unit mix and sizes follow the recommendations of a market study that was completed by the Village and are <br />intended to attract a younger millennial demographic. The petitioner is proposing rents of approximately $2 per square foot <br />resulting in monthly rentals of $1,150 for studio units, $1450 for 1 -bedroom units and $1,950 for 2 -bedroom units. <br />The petitioner and Village staff held a well -attended public open house on August 17 at Brick City Tavern to give residents and the <br />business owners an opportunity to view the proposal and to ask questions and share concerns related to the project. There was <br />both positive feedback and concerns raised by attendees. The concerns raised related to traffic impact on the rear public alley and <br />the adequacy of parking for the project. In response to those concerns, staff is reviewing the option of redesigning Busse Avenue <br />to allow for two-way traffic, thereby reducing traffic onto the rear alley. In addition, Public Works completed traffic counts on the <br />alley in early September and will further analyze the traffic flow in the area prior to final approval of the project. <br />The proposed development would provide seventy-eight garage parking spaces, including two accessible spaces, and an additional <br />seventy-seven public parking spaces on surrounding streets. The on-site parking ratio of 1.07 spaces per unit is lower than the <br />ratios of the surrounding condominiums (range from 1.38 to 1.5 spaces per unit). However, the proposed unit sizes are smaller <br />and the unit mix includes many more studio and 1 -bedroom units than those condominiums projects. In addition, the proposal is <br /> 1/2 <br />