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Page 2 of 4 <br />Bid Results for Isabella Area Sewer Improvements ($8,863,088) <br />December 11, 2014 <br />The engineer's estimate of probable construction cost for this project is $10,052,725. <br />Discussion <br />All bids were properly signed, accompanied by appropriate bid bonds, and responsive to the bid <br />documents. All six (6) bidders attended the mandatory pre-bid meeting. <br />The apparent low -bidder is A Lamp Concrete Contractors of Schaumburg, Illinois (ALamp). <br />ALamp has performed work for the Village in the past. In 2009, ALamp was the general <br />contractor for the $2.7 million street resurfacing program. The paving work was subcontracted <br />to Arrow Road of Mount Prospect. However, ALamp was responsible for sub -base preparation, <br />concrete flatwork, structure adjustments, small -diameter storm sewer work, and overall project <br />management. ALamp's performance was acceptable. Work was completed on time and below <br />the project award amount. <br />Review of ALamp's bid submittal revealed several concerns about their ability to complete the <br />project. Among these concerns were disparaging references about project close-out, <br />housekeeping, and crew turnover; a lack of experience installing 84" diameter (or larger) pipe; <br />inordinately low bid prices for trench backfill, junction chamber reconstruction work, by-pass <br />pumping, and overall project cost; as well as unbalanced prices for mobilization and traffic <br />control. <br />On December 4, 2014, staff and design engineer Burns & McDonnell met with ALamp <br />representatives to discuss these concerns. These matters were disposed as follows: <br />Project Close-out, Housekeeping, and Crew Turnover. ALamp acknowledged these <br />issues and proposed they would avoid potential problems by permanently assigning their <br />best underground construction crew to this project. They also identified the project <br />foreman they planned to assign to this project and provided specific work references for <br />his crews. All references were acceptable with respect to timeliness, project close-out, <br />and housekeeping. <br />Lack of Experience Installing 84" Diameter (or larger) Pipe. ALamp provided acceptable <br />references for the installation of 60" diameter pipe and 48" diameter pipe. However, <br />approximately 30% of the work in this project involves the installation of larger pipe. <br />Notably, the work involves installing 1,000 feet of 72" diameter sewers and 2,000 feet of <br />84" diameter sewers. ALamp acknowledged this deficiency but advised that they <br />presently own and can adeptly operate the trench boxes, large backhoes, and other <br />equipment necessary to safely install the large pipe. <br />Inordinately Low Bid Price for Trench Backfill. ALamp's bid price for trench backfill is <br />approximately half the cost of other bidders. ALamp explained that they own a concrete <br />recycling facility and have the capability to manufacture their own trench backfill. They <br />