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Page 2 of 2 <br />Bid Results for Booster Pumping Station #5 Roofing Removal and Replacement ($59,959) <br />November 24, 2014 <br />Discussion <br />The bids were checked to ensure that the bidders provided properly completed bid <br />forms, bid bonds, and appropriately signed bid documents. <br />All bidders were responsive to the bid documents except the apparent low -bidder <br />Glenbrook Group of Northbrook, Illinois. Glenbrook Group failed to submit a properly <br />executed bid bond. They also failed to provide adequate evidence of relevant <br />experience or requisite licensing and certifications. <br />The second -lowest bidder, L. Marshall Roofing of Glenview, Illinois submitted a <br />responsive bid, including properly signed and executed bid documents. L. Marshall <br />Roofing has not worked for the Village in the past but has performed acceptable work <br />under the observation of our roofing consultant for several years. Similar recent roof <br />projects include work at Northern Illinois University and the Waukegan School District. <br />References were contacted and all responded favorably about the contractor's <br />timeliness and workmanship. <br />Staff recommends a 10% contingency ($5,480) be added to the project award to cover <br />any unforeseen repairs that may be found after the existing roof is removed. The final <br />award will be for an amount not to exceed $59,959 ($54,479 bid plus a 10% <br />contingency of $5,480.) <br />Recommendation: <br />I recommend that the Village Board reject the bid from Glenbrook Roofing of <br />Northbrook, Illinois as non-responsive and to accept the next lowest, responsible <br />qualified bid for the removal and replacement of the roof at Booster Pumping Station 5 <br />as submitted by L. Marshall Roofing of Glenview, Illinois in an amount not to exceed <br />$59,959. Sufficient funds for this procurement exist in the current budget. <br />I concu <br />Dorsey <br />r of Public Works <br /> <br />Matt Overeem, Superintendent <br />